Product Focus - Upright Stands

Product Focus - Upright Stands

Every Thursday in 2022 we'll be focusing on a different product from our line up that'll either save you money, make you faster or help out when you're in the workshop or pitlane. Today we're focusing on...

Upright kart storage stands

Our storage stands are manufactured in Italy by Righetti Ridolfi. They are a space saving solution which allows you to store your kart in an upright position, perfect for garages or workshops where space is at a premium.

The rear axle of the kart sits on the U shaped supports with the floor tray resting against the T bar at the top of the stand.

The stand is fitted with 4 swivel wheels that not only make the trolley stable, but make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. All 4 wheels are braked.

The stand can also be dismantled for storage or transportation.  






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