Product Focus - Tyre bead breaker

Product Focus - Tyre bead breaker

Every Thursday in 2022 we'll be focusing on a different product from our line up that'll either save you money, make you faster or help out when you're in the workshop or pitlane. Today we're focusing on...

Ring style tyre bead breakers

Our tyre bead breakers are manufactured in Italy by Righetti Ridolfi. A bead breaker is an essential tool to change kart tyres, they come in different shapes & sizes however this 'Ring style' breaker is on the heavy duty end of the scale - perfect for frequent tyre changers.


What are the benefits?

  • Suitable for all widths of 5 inch kart wheels.
  • Chrome finish makes it easy to clean and avoids rust.
  • The ring evenly applies pressure around the tyre to safely break the bead, without the chance of it slipping.
  • The long lever allows you to effortlessly break even the toughest of beads!

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