Product Focus - Senzo 50mm Axles

Product Focus - Senzo 50mm Axles

Every Thursday in 2022 we'll be focusing on a different product from our line up that'll either save you money, make you faster or help out when you're in the workshop or pitlane. Today we're focusing on...

Senzo OTK pattern axles

Looking to replace your OTK 50mm axle? The Senzo OTK pattern axles are manufactured with high quality Italian metal like OTK's own. They're a great replacement part and used by drivers and teams all over the UK and Europe.

They suit the following OTK models:

Tonykart EVR
Tonykart EVRR
Tonykart EVK
Tonykart 401
Tonykart 401S
Tonykart 401R
Tonykart 401RR
Along with the Kosmic, Exprit, Redspeed & FA Alonso/EOS counterparts.

The axles are available in a number of grades and lengths:


1030mm - The standard OTK length.

1000mm - Allows you to run a shorter rear track.


Type Q - Soft

Type N - Medium

Type H - Hard


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