Product Focus - OTK Replacement Camber Kit

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Product Focus - OTK Replacement Camber Kit

Every Thursday in 2022 we'll be focusing on a different product from our line up that'll either save you money, make you faster or help out when you're in the workshop or pitlane. Today we're focusing on...

OTK Special caster / camber adjustment kits

Our OTK castor / camber adjustment kits are manufactured in Italy by Righetti Ridolfi. The kit replaces the standard OTK offering. It fits the following models;

Tonykart EVR
Tonykart EVRR
Tonykart EVK
Tonykart 401
Tonykart 401S
Tonykart 401R
Tonykart 401RR
Along with the Kosmic, Exprit, Redspeed & FA Alonso/EOS counterparts.

These models were produced between 2009 – 2022.

What are the benefits?

The kit allows the user to adjust caster or camber independently of each other. Adjustment is extremely easy with guiding lines to make sure you are using the correct setting.

Camber adjustment has a range of +4.2 degrees with any degree of adjustment increments available.

Caster adjustment has a range of +5.4 degrees with adjustment in increments of 1.8 degrees.

The kit is a complete replacement for the OTK part with no other parts required and no changes to the chassis needed.

Included is a storage case, instructions, 4x adjustment pills, 2x M10 king pins with washers & nuts, 4x ride height washers and an allen key.



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