Product Focus - Fuel Station

Product Focus - Fuel Station

Every Thursday in 2022 we'll be focusing on a different product from our line up that'll either save you money, make you faster or help out when you're in the workshop or pitlane. Today we're focusing on...

30L Pit Fuel Station

Our fuel stations are perfect for the hobby karter or small race team. This setup allows you to store up to 30L of fuel ready to dispense into a fuel jug or jerry can.

The kit includes the 30L fuel barrel, easy to fit tap and height adjustable stand with table.

The tap screws into place and allows you to safely & easily dispense fuel into an appropriate container, ready to transfer into your kart. When not in use the tap can be removed and plug fitted so the barrel can be transported with the remaining fuel inside. The container is enamel lined and complies with EU safety rules UN 1A1/Y1.6/180.

The stand is fitted with a table to allow you to store oil and fuel mixing equipment. It folds flat for easy storage.







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